We Know Rice

At Wok Express we’re serious about quality so when it came to sourcing a supplier for brown rice, we wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Pimvalee, one of the co-owners of Wok Express, comes from a family of rice farmers in Thailand. Needless to say she knows the difference between good and not so good rice.

Most of the brown rice you find in NZ are either Californian and Australian varieties, both of which are short grains with a ’sticky’ and ‘hard’ texture.
At Wok Express we know that the best brown rice comes from Thailand so we went on a hunt to source the finest quality brown rice.


Our Speciality Supplier

Sourcing brown rice from South East Asia can be a challenge because the natural goodness of the rice’s husk shell attracts insects. With our insider knowledge, thanks Pimvalee, we have been able to source a specialty supplier in Thailand.

This means we can get 2kg vacuum packed bags of high quality jasmine brown rice, probably the highest quality available in NZ. We’re really proud to be able to provide this high quality rice to our health conscious customers in Auckland.


The Flavour

Jasmine brown rice is a long grain rice with a subtle nutty flavour. Its floral aromas complement vegetable and meat stir-fry’s, making it a match made in heaven for Wok Express’ delicious dishes.

Why is it Good For Us?

Brown rice doesn’t just taste better; it also provides more health benefits than white rice. Now don’t get us wrong, we still love white rice too but here are a few reasons why we think you should try our brown rice today:

1 – It’s rich in fiber

The high levels of fiber naturally contained in brown rice can greatly improve digestion and help detoxify the body. And did you know it also has a reputation as a great fortifier of the lungs!

2 – It’s rich in selenium

 Selenium helps reduce the risks for developing many common illnesses such as arthritis, and cardio vascular related illnesses.

 3 – It’s rich in anti-oxidants 

 When we think of anti-oxidant rich foods we think of blueberries and other fruits and vegetables so it may come as a surprise that the antioxidant capacity of brown rice is right up there with these super stars.

We’ve priced our brown rice competitively at just $2.50 per serve, just 50c more than a single serve of white jasmine rice. So next time your ordering from Wok Express consider giving our brown rice a go.

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