New Vegan Mock Meat Options

At Wok express we deeply value our loyal vegan customers and so we have always made sure to have tofu and vegetable alternatives to our traditionally meat based dishes on the menu. However, feedback from our vegan customer base has indicated unanimously that more choice and variety would be appreciated.  This is why we have decided to introduce a range of new vegan mock meats to our menu. Here at Wok express we know the importance of both flavour and texture in Thai cuisine and we can no longer allow our vegan customers to miss out!

Asia has fully embraced mock meats and is world leading in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. These mock meats are produced to such a high quality that some are actually indistinguishable from their animal derived counterparts in texture, flavour and appearance. Here at Wok express, we hope that these mock meat alternatives will provide new flavours and versatility for our vegan customers as well as providing a tasty gateway into the world of vegan cuisine for our non-vegan customers. Over lockdown we have been testing a range of these mock meats with the help of our vegan customers, with their feedback shaping our chosen selection.

Our first new product is a delicious mock chicken, this both looks and tastes like chicken while perfectly absorbing the flavours of its chosen sauce. We have decided to serve this mock meat in both our stir fry and noodle dish (pictured) with the choice of five different sauces; Satay, Teriyaki, Garlic Ginger, Spicy Basil, Shiitake.

We are also introducing a crispy mock chicken, this product is super tasty, both in curries and when deep fried to crispy perfection. We have created 3 dishes to go with this; Spicy Basil (pictured), Teriyaki and Sweet and Sour.


Lastly we have our most succulent chicken alternative, which due to its  tasty flavour and duck-like, soft texture, goes perfectly with our Thai Red (pictured), Panang and Massaman curries.


In addition to these new resident menu items, we will also be rotating new monthly vegan specials both to keep our customers intrigued and to experiment even more with these wonderful new mock meats.

This month it is a highly recommended mock lemon chicken (pictured) that is pre-marinated with citrus flavours and goes perfectly with our vegan Pad Thai sauce.

We really hope that you enjoy these new vegan options, we have put a great deal of thought into creating these dishes, ensuring that all of our customers can enjoy the delicious flavours and textures of authentic Thai food.  We love these new dishes and can’t wait for you all to try them too!

 Due to the expensive nature of these new products and high commission fees, we won’t be putting these new dishes on Uber Eats. Instead they will be available only when ordering directly with us. We hope that you will therefore #supportlocal by #orderingdirect. Don’t forget that we also deliver to central Auckland!

We would love to hear your feedback on these dishes so please don’t hesitate to send us a message!