When it comes to healthy & tasty takeaways it’s a simple equation, you only get out what you put in.

So at Wok Express we carefully select our suppliers to make sure we can trust we are getting the best possible ingredients for our dishes.



When it comes to Vegetables and other produce there’s no doubt in our mind that FRESH & LOCAL is best.


Our man Tuna Tek back at it again with the fresh Broccoli!

That’s where our man Tuna Tek comes in! Tuna is our supplier for locally grown, outstandingly fresh (like picked the same day we cook them fresh!) veges.



Paul and Tuna outside Wok Express with another load of the best fresh produce to be had in Auckland


From the farm to Wok Express in the space of a few hours & into our food the same day. It’s a simple equation: Local Suppliers + Fresh Veges = Takeaways You Can Feel Good About! It’s all a part of our commitment to quality.