Thanks to the large Chinese diaspora across the globe and especially in the Asia Pacific means almost any major city you go to will have a range of good Chinese food and Auckland is no exception. Chinese food is actually a collective term for a huge range of dishes from all over China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and even the USA and can include almost anything you can imagine due to the huge variation in ingredients, cooking methods, and history of each region.

Kung Pao Wok Express

Have you thought ‘what’s the closest Chinese restaurant near me?’ when you get a Chinese food craving? Here at Wok Express, where we specialize in Asian food, we feel we have some of the best Chinese takeaways in Auckland with a selection of noodles, rice dishes, stir-fries, and some specialty dishes.

We love our noodles and if you are having a craving for noodles we certainly have you covered as our Chinese takeaway dishes use a variety of different types of noodles to bring you both traditional style and fusion food.

Kung Pao Wok Express

Gourmet Sweet and Sour Pork Wok Express

Our unique and famous crispy chicken noodles come with a choice of three sauces to suit all tastes: sweet and sour, spicy or garlic, and oyster sauce, along with fresh yellow noodles and some fresh veggies. Another one of our customer’s favorites is Singapore noodles. This is a classic Chinese Singaporean dish made with thin rice noodles, chicken or BBQ pork, eggs, veggies, and bean sprouts, and both these dishes are some of our most popular.

Other Chinese takeaway noodle items on the menu are garlic ginger noodles, Dragon noodles, and Black bean noodles to name just a few as well as our top-selling Noodle Works which has the “works” of chicken, shrimp, BBQ pork, a large selection of fresh veggies and a delicious in house oyster based noodle sauce. Not to be outdone, our Shanghai noodles which are made with thick Hokkien style yellow noodles and come with your choice of Chicken, BBQ pork, prawns, or tofu along with fresh seasonal vegetables and bean sprouts for a soft, meaty but crunchy experience.

bbq duck stir fry wok express

BBQ Duck Stir Fry Wok Express

We also have some killer rice dishes as many people’s favorite comfort style food is fried rice. It’s warming, tasty, and comes in a range of options. We have a selection of fried rice dishes on our menu including the classic fried rice, but also options that include brown rice or cauliflower rice for a healthier meal. You can order regular dishes like the very popular Yang Chow fried rice that comes with eggs, BBQ pork, shrimp, chicken, and mixed veggies.

One dish we are proud of is the classic Sweet and Sour Pork that we have improved by only using tender higher quality lean pork which ensures there are no nasty surprises under the batter – just tasty lean meat that people keep coming back for over and over again.

Lions Head Meatballs Wok Express

There are some special side dishes too like the hugely popular Lions Head meatballs and made in-house with only quality ingredients. Our homemade Chinese-style dumplings come in a variety of flavors including a green Vegan spinach dumpling to round out your Chinese takeaway meal.

As you can see, when it comes to a range of dishes with a special emphasis on healthy eating, Wok Express has a large selection of Chinese-style dishes to choose from. We feel our range of Chinese takeaway food is fresh and high quality so check out our website and or give us a call the next time you get the craving for some tasty Chinese food.