Paul and Pimvalee 2006

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Here’ s a brief outline of our story so far

We first opened the family owned business in Parnell July 2006 and despite no prior experience we managed to progress and even survived the global recession in 2007 to 2010. Paul and Pim were the chefs, daughter Sunny handled the front of the shop and son Cere was the kitchen hand.

Paul remembers like it was only yesterday having to cook the food, and then throw on a helmet and jump on a scooter to do the deliveries. ” Customers were often bemused to see the chef delivering their food but when your in your own business you just do what ever it takes”

Roll on 14 years later and its the same family still working hard, Pim works full time hand making all the appetisers, Paul still cooks and even does deliveries when were busy, Sunny is still running the Parnell store with her husband Benz (a talented chef )  and Cere looks after all the store operations.

We are about to open a new store at Epsom in a few weeks and are are also in negotiations to buy premises to open a 5th store in New Lynn later this year.

Life continues to throw up challenges and we are currently working hard to fight off the threat of the Uber Eats phenomenon and we do whatever we can to encourage our customers to order direct and support local businesses.

We would sincerely like to thank all of our customers who have supported us through the years especially the “originals” who have been regulars since day one.

Stay Safe !

The Wok Express Family